The process of Shariah audit shall be designed to enable organisations to assess whether a sound and effective internal control system for Shariah compliance have been implemented, which should cover, but is not limited to, the following:


  • understanding the business activities of the organisations to allow for better scoping of an audit exercise, i.e. auditability and relevance of activities;

  • developing a comprehensive internal audit program or plan. The program shall include objectives, scope, personnel assignment, sampling, control and duration as well as establish proper audit processes, policies and procedures of organisations operations;

  • obtaining and making reference to relevant sources, including the SACs published rulings, the Shariah Committees decisions, fatwas, guidelines, the Shariah audit results and the internal Shariah checklist;

  • conducting Shariah audit on a periodical basis

  • communicating results of any assessment or findings arising from the Shariah audit to the Board Audit Committee and the Shariah Committee; and

  • providing recommendations on rectification measures taken as well as following-up on the implementation by organisations.


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